Your ideal fishing holiday

Whether you want to drop a rod in our harbor, look for your own fishing spot in the immediate vicinity or want to go by boat there are plenty of choices of excellent fishing areas: the Sneekermeer, the Prinses Margriet canal and also small lakes and canals offer plenty of oppertunities for everyone with the right bait and skills to enjoy a fun fishing time. In our immediate vicinity you will find many fish species such as pike, zander, bream and carp.

You can reserve a fishing boat or a sloop at your accommodation or bring your own fishing boat. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment, especially in the summer the fishing boats are popular. Please note that you must have the right fishing permit please also see our frequently asked questions page (FAQ) for further explanation.

Fishing in the watery Friesland

De Hoek Watersport is located right in the heart of the Frisian lake district and is therefore an ideal destination if you want to fish during your vacation.

Your stay

Holiday homes in our farm house

Book a holiday home so that after a day of fishing you can sleep in your own home near or at our cozy harbor completely enclosed by the wide landscape. In suitable weather you can of course light the BBQ on our spacious grounds to conclude a perfect day. The real fish lover enjoys during his fishing holiday at De Hoek Watersport.

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Possibilities to go to your fishing spot

Fishing from a motor boat

Fishing from a motorboat or from the area where you sail with a motorboat gives you the ultimate freedom to find your ideal fishing spot. Many fish are also caught from one of our motorboats, with which you can travel in luxury comfort and fish when you feel like it.

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Fishing with a m sloop / fishing boat.

The Marilsloop has plenty of space to store your fishing gear and other stocks below deck. Wonderful ship to sail to your ideal fishing spot and enjoy the nature on the way and use the sun deck in good weather

View the Espania sloop

Fishing with one of our fishing boats with outboard engine

Our fishing boats are very spacious to offer you plenty of comfort and to be able to fish. Since we are in the middle of your Frisian heart of the lake district, you do not have to sail very long to find a nice fishing spot. Literally right around the Hoek you will find both lakes and canals for fishing. Also view our sloops.

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Canadian aluminum kayak canoe

Get out and about in an original Grumman Canadian aluminum Kayak Canoe. It is a large canoe so some experience is required. Also suitable for fishing together with the electric motor. In combination with a holiday home you can book the canoe as an accessory. Individual rental is also possible, but only by telephone to reserve for 25 euros per day without the electric motor.

With electric motor 50 euros per day.

Take a look at our fishing boats

Beautiful fishing spot within walking distance

Several good fishing spots are available within walking distance. For example, in our harbor you can fish better, but you can walk a little further and stick your fishing rod at the adjacent canal. This can be done at the jetty for ships. In good weather it can be crowded at the jetty then it is better to continue to the bridge: is shown well on the map. It is an ideal fishing spot because no boats are allowed to lie there.

Where can you fish in the area

Fishing spots in the immediate vicinity

On this map you will see a number of fishing spots where you can fish and opportunities for beautiful fishing spots. Do you have questions we would be happy to help you.

Look at which fishing boats are available

Great fishing spot within walking distance or sailing to it with motorboat

For freshwater fish Friesland is the most beautiful fish province in the Netherlands due to the many lakes and canals. With one of our motor boats you have a lot of possibilities in this water-rich area.