Learn to skipper a boat without a boat license De Hoek Watersport.

You do not need a license for our motor boats. The main operator of a motorboat must have some experience with motor boats.

If you have no experience or are uncertain about your expertise, you can receive a skipper one day via the organization SSH-Boating (formerly 'skippers start help'). You learn to sail the ship while sailing and practice with mooring, mooring and passing under bridges. A day (6 hours) a skipper costs € 240, =, a Turbo training of 3 hours € 130, =. De Hoek Watersport is happy to organize this for you. Of course, everyone who rents a motor yacht will get an explanation about the ship in question and the available equipment.

Sailing on an open sailboat /polyvalk

The main tenant of a sailboat must be a reasonably good sailor. If you have no experience, you must first take a sailing course on your own. We do not give sailing lessons! Of course we do explain the boat before you moor.