The area around the Langweerder Wielen

Nowhere in the province you will find such a large landscape contrast in such a small area: the vastness and openness of the peat meadow area with the Wheels and the Koevordermeer, versus the intimacy and seclusion of the woods near Sint Nicolaasga. Take a look at our beautiful boating routes on our site "De Hoek Watersport sailing routes"

In our watery and above all fish-rich area you can go enjoy fishing. For more information see here on our fishing holiday page

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Discover the surroundings

Discover the surroundings

You can clearly feel and see the history here and the area radiates unmistakably the necessary 'grandeur', the picturesque, somewhat chic Langweer; the forests with their stately avenues and monumental country houses; the posh Joure; and also the many monumental farms in the outlying area.


A city walk through the port city of Langweer

Thanks to its favorable location on the water, Langweer developed around 1600 to a market and port location with a weigh house, a 'regtshuys' and various luxury residences for the well-to-do citizenry, including Osingastate. A comparison between the beautiful old photographs from the book 'Trije Swannen yn folle Flecht' and the current situation shows that the village has largely retained its historical character. According to many, De Buorren is the prettiest village street in Friesland.